what to wear

Hip-Hop – comfortable, stretchable clothing and running shoes. you can go for standard dance/fitness wear or have some fun with hip-hop club wear or funky street clothes.

Dancer-Fit – clothes you are able to fully bend and stretch in. comfortable dance/fitness wear. running shoes, socks or bare feet.

Heels – same as Hip-Hop but bring your sassiest pair of heels. clothing still needs to be comfortable and able to move but style is key for bringing the attitude to this class.

Ballet/Lyrical – comfortable, stretchy, dance/fitness wear. bare feet or socks recommended.

Jazz – comfortable, stretchy, dance/fitness wear. bare feet, socks or running shoes.

* leg warmers and tutus are welcomed and enjoyed!!!! have some fun with your dance wear!

* for floor work dancers do not usually use mats but you are welcome to bring one to Dancer-Fit if you prefer. The class contains a large floor work section.