I have heard from many adults up here in the burbs, especially moms, that they wish they had a place to take dance classes. Some used to dance and no longer have a place where they feel comfortable. Some want to try dancing but can’t find any classes for adults that meet all of their needs.The classes currently offered to adult dancers in this area are at night. Not an ideal time when the moms are chauffering their own kids to where the kids need to be. Many dancers are making do with the fitness clubs, gyms and community centre group fitness classes during the day. There is a trend in dance based fitness classes…but dance based is not a real dance class. For example, there are hardly any places where a grown-up can take a drop-in Jazz or Contemporary class, in Thornhill, during the daytime, even though there are many places that offer it in Toronto. I finally decided that since it is not available in my neighborhood and since most dancing adults I know, myself included, can not just head off downtown to take dance classes so easily, it was time to bring a little downtown to the burbs!